I have recently read that when faced with a problem you should think about the solution and not the problem or it's cause. That sounds like sage advice. However, there are some problems which don't have a solution that works for everyone. Brexit, and how it's achieved (if at all), is one such problem, so looking at the cause of the current mess might be the best way to start to resolve the Brexit chaos, as understanding the problem might shine a light on the best way to proceed. Regardless of which route is chosen there will be millions of UK citizens left angry and feeling cheated - but I'm looking here at finding a solution which upsets the least number of people as there is no solution which is going to leave everyone happy - and maybe no solution which will even leave a majority happy.

Firstly, the UK has been split, since we joined the EEC, over whether joining was the correct thing to do, or not, in the first place. This split was right across the whole of the UK…
Hi there, anyone unfortunate enough to have stumbled across this blog - which is Lord Dunderheid's first one.

The aim of this blog is for me to comment on a wide variety of topics - politics, footbal (particularly Scottish football), social issues, TV programmes - anything and everything that I feel I need to rant about, complain about or even praise.

I don't expect to publish a blog on a daily basis - but there might initially be a splurge as I vent my spleen over a build up of issues over recent times. As this is just an introduction I'll avoid writting more at this stage.