Corporal punishment and the smacking ban in Scotland.

 Foreword. For anyone unlucky enough to have stumbled across this blog I would advise that the following post is one of my longer, more rambling efforts. This is because it deals with a complicated topic and I found it impossible to restrict myself to my brief opinions without doing an injustice to it’s seriousness. I apologise in advance. ------------ The Scottish government recently brought into law the banning of the smacking of children. While this might morally and ethically be a positive step I also suspect that this is a short sighted move which will only result in parents ending up with criminal records and fines (which many will struggle to pay) and maybe even jail time. I suspect most of any parents found guilty of this will come from our more deprived citizens (more about that later). I feel it is a law brought in by middle class politicians who have no real idea of life for those less comfortable than themselves and who have not enjoyed as good an education or upbringing. N

COVID-19 - the rules and how they don't apply to Margaret Ferrier.

I see that Margaret Ferrier, the SNP MP who broke COVID-19 regulations without resigning, has resurfaced in parliament (although maybe only via video link). As an SNP supporter and member I feel I should comment. Firstly, it needs to be remembered that Ferrier actually had COVID-19 when she travelled between London and her home in Scotland (not to mention her other transgressions at the time) while, for example, Catherine Calderwood did not have COVID when she and her family travelled to Fife from Edinburgh (I believe it was). There was no chance Calderwood would have spread the virus unless someone in her party actually had COVID and the car they had travelled in had broken down and they had required road side assistance. Calderwood, admittedly after initial resistance, recognised her position was untenable and she fell on her sword. Ferrier, on the other hand, refused to do so - and still continues to do so. While the SNP acted quickly, and correctly, to remove the whip from her, she

American politics - a president impeached by the people!

With just a few states left to declare it looks like Biden has won the US presidential election, even if the few remaining ones end up going to Trump. There are, of course, the many legal challenges Trump claims he is going to instigate (or has already done so) but unless he comes up with real evidence of cheating or fraud then Trump’s race has been run and lost. This, as far as I’m concerned, is great news. At the same time the count was a lot closer than it was expected to be. Why? One interview, with a US commentator that I heard, indicated that he thought many people had said they were not voting for Trump when that, in fact was what they intended to do, Again, why? This commentator figured that a lot of those people knew how many held Trump in low esteem and didn’t want to be seen as supporting him as they feared they would receive a tough time from many friends and family for doing so (while many of their friends and family were likely thinking the same way). Others, he said, did

Politics - The US presidential election.

With not too many days left until the election of the next president of the USA it is looking good for Biden to oust that moronic, narcissistic twat, Donald Trump - although, given the electoral college system, that cannot be counted on until all the state results are in. I have to say, however, that I’m not too bothered about which party wins. Neither the Democrats nor the Republicans are in the slightest way socialists - just both right wingers of slightly different complexions. My concern is that Trump, the man, may again win. I find it difficult to understand how he won in 2016 (although he didn’t win the popular vote) - but I find it even more incredulous that there remains a sufficient number of Trump voters that might still see him triumph again. How any country can support such an evil, lying, moron is beyond me. That the country maybe doing so is the USA is even more worrying, given how much of a power house it still is. I have to say that the US remains, in my view, one of th


As I write this we are experiencing a second COVID-19 wave - or maybe it’s still the first wave that’s been let out of the bag, with a second wave still to come? Some of this, no doubt, has been caused by opening up the air corridors so folks can take foreign holidays in the sun - despite, in Scotland anyway, being strongly advised by Nicola Sturgeon not to do so. Some have then come home to find that the country they have visited have been added to the quarantine list and they then have to self isolate for fourteen days - with some deciding not to do so and spreading the virus back home (if they have contracted it while away). What amazes me is that many of those folks have complained loudly about this despite repeated warnings not to travel abroad. Some of this, no doubt, has been caused by trying to open the schools and universities and some just in an attempt to reopen the country so that businesses (restaurants and bars, for example) can start to operate before they go bust. Whate

Politics - The Labour Party and anti-Semitism

Foreword. I am aware that the term ‘anti-Semitic’ is incorrectly used in what follows - but it has become the accepted term for anti-Jewish. The Jews, originally, were a Semitic people - but so are all the Arab peoples of the Middle East. The term anti-Semitic, therefore, applies to the Palestinians just as much as to the Jews, which makes the use of the term, when applied only to Jews, incorrect. But, as said above, it has become accepted that the term anti-Semitic also means anti-Jewish so I have resorted to using it, if somewhat reluctantly. To be clear, all references to anti-Semitic, in this post, should actually be read as anti-Jewish. I currently find myself rather confused over the position of the Labour party and anti-Semitism. For four years, under Jeremy Corbyn, the Labour party was increasingly accused of anti-Semitism - or, at least, failing to even attempt to eradicate anti-Semitism from within it’s ranks. I don’t know if this was true or not as I did not read more than a

politics - Scottish independence and left-wing dinosaurs.

While we are talking about ‘flapping lips’ (see my previous post re Christine Jardine) I see George Galloway has been flapping his, again!I It seems he is willing to work with the Tories to stop the SNP. Now, I can accept a supporter of the Union trying to stop the SNP, but for a far left socialist like Galloway to advocate working with the Tories is simply beyond belief. He would, it seems, rather see the people of Scotland under Tory rule than see a left of centre, independent Scotland. This says volumes about Galloway and I find his position nothing short of staggering and despicable. Any respect I once had for Galloway’s socialist credentials have been totally destroyed (this, of course, assuming he actually said what it’s reported he said). While on the subject of socialist dinosaurs I also see that Brian Wilson continues to spout his bile via articles in, at least, The Scotsman. Wilson, like Galloway, is one of the many aging Scottish socialists who finds it impossible to credit